The Technology That Makes It All Possible

Gold Prairie is an enterprise software system developed by a technology company, not an audit firm. Created by a leading provider of data analytics software, Gold Prairie has been built to handle the rigors of even the largest and most complex data sets.

Gold Prairie combines a suite of specialized audit modules for monitoring your transactions on a continuous basis with an easy-to-use, graphical environment for reviewing results. It is custom-tailored to fit your operating environment, processes and systems. As a result, you get a highly effective solution built to maximize your internal results.

How Gold Prairie Works

The Gold Prairie Process

Gold Prairie pinpoints a wide range of payment errors, including duplicate payments, pricing errors, missed promotional allowances and missed rebates.

To do this, Gold Prairie gathers transaction data from all relevant payment and procurement systems. Gold Prairie then analyzes this data and generates a highly-targeted set of potential errors, applying specialized logic to filter out extraneous records. Finally, it delivers the results to your staff in an intuitive Web-based environment for review.

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Complete Data Integration Services

We handle all of the technical work involved in setting up Gold Prairie. The only thing we’ll need from your IT department is the same set of data they currently produce for your outside audit firms; we’ll do the rest.


Automated, Real-time Monitoring

A traditional periodic audit used to make sense in a paper-based environment. But with the switch to electronic transaction processing, you can now monitor your data on a preventative and continuous basis.


Intuitive Dashboard and Reporting

Gold Prairie’s management dashboard provides detailed metrics and statistics on the number and types of payment errors that were identified, along with a set of reports for tracking results over time.


Custom Audit Modules

Every audit module is custom-tailored to your systems, giving you highly targeted results that are quick to review.


Streamlined Claim Management

Gold Prairie comes with a robust claim management and tracking system so you can quickly generate and deduct claims.


Simple, Web-Based Controls

Gold Prairie delivers results in a simple, Web-based environment that is instantly familiar and easy to use.