Next Generation Payment Monitoring

Faster Results. Full Control.

Discover the most direct, cost-effective approach to preventing lost profits.

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Retail Solutions

Automate your internal recovery process

Pinpoint and recover overpayment errors at a fraction of your current cost.
Recover your profits in days, not years.

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Duplicate Prevention

Eliminate duplicate payments

Why wait for a recovery audit to catch duplicate payments?
Automatically detect and prevent them before they go out the door.

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Vendor Monitoring

Remove risk from your ERP system

Reduce payment errors by cleaning and monitoring your vendor master file.

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Address the Source of Payment Errors

Gold Prairie tracks the reasons why payment errors occur, helping you identify and understand their root causes. Beyond just catching errors, you can strengthen your internal controls and address problems at the source.


Retail & Grocery Payment Monitoring

Gold Prairie pinpoints and prevents a wide range of payment errors common in the retail industry, including duplicate payments, pricing errors, missed promotional allowances and missed rebates. With Gold Prairie, you can identify overpayments in real-time at a fraction of your current cost.

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Duplicate Payment Prevention

Why wait for a recovery audit to catch duplicate payments? With Gold Prairie, you can eliminate duplicate payments from your organization. Gold Prairie continuously monitors your payment systems and automatically detects potential duplicate payments before they go out the door.

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Vendor File Analysis and Monitoring

Get your vendor file under control and keep it clean for the long-haul. Gold Prairie enables you to quickly identify duplicated and erroneous vendor entries. And, once it’s clean, Gold Prairie’s automated vendor monitoring system will help you keep it that way.

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Why Wait For Results?

Gold Prairie pinpoints payment errors automatically and delivers them directly to your internal staff—day and night, rain or shine. Rather than waiting for an outside audit to uncover these errors, you can identify and address them immediately, before they become a drain on your profits.

Control feedback loop

The Technology That Makes It All Possible

Gold Prairie is an enterprise software system developed by a technology company, not an audit firm. Created by a leading provider of data analytics software, Gold Prairie has been built to handle the rigors of even the largest and most complex data sets.