Why Choose Gold Prairie?

1. Same Results, Lower Cost

Gold Prairie™ significantly lowers the cost of recovering your lost profits. As an automated solution, it cuts out the considerable overhead of a manual audit. And by pinpointing overpayments in real-time, it eliminates the time-related cost of recouping lost capital.

2. Develop Stronger Internal Controls

Strengthening financial controls is a priority for any large organization. Through continuous monitoring, Gold Prairie provides you with efficient, real-time transaction assurance on your procurement and payables systems.

3. Experience True Audit Efficiency

A traditional periodic audit used to make sense in a paper-based environment. But with the switch to electronic transaction processing, you can now monitor your data on an ongoing basis. Continuous monitoring is a revolutionizing force. Why not put it to work for your company?

4. Identify Root Causes

It's nice to have a safety net for catching payment errors, but it's even better to pinpoint the problems and fix the underlying issues. Gold Prairie tracks the reasons why payment errors occur, helping you identify and understand their root causes.

5. You Deserve the Best Technology in the Industry

Gold Prairie is an enterprise software system developed by a technology company, not an audit firm. As a result, you get a highly effective solution built to maximize your internal results. Let us show you the difference.

6. It's Time to Take Control

You can prevent overpayments yourself—all you need are the right tools. Gold Prairie pinpoints payment errors automatically and delivers them directly to your internal staff so you can fix them immediately on your own.

7. We're Not an Audit Firm

With Gold Prairie, you get a continuous monitoring solution designed without any conflict of interest. Innovative technology is our business and passion; it isn't a ploy for marketing recovery audit services. Why let the fox guard the henhouse?

Want a closer look?

We invite you to take an in-depth tour of Gold Prairie with us. See how easy it is to strengthen internal controls, reduce costs and increase your profits through continuous monitoring.

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