Solutions Overview

Switching Focus from Recovery to Prevention

Gold Prairie™ is a continuous monitoring solution that automates and simplifies the process of identifying and recovering overpayments internally. Gold Prairie enables your internal staff to identify payment errors as they happen, resulting in more accurate invoice processing, stronger financial controls and better vendor relationships.

The Gold Prairie solution includes:

  • Retail and Grocery Payment Monitoring.  Gold Prairie pinpoints and prevents a wide range of payment errors common in the retail industry, including duplicate payments, pricing errors, missed promotional allowances and missed rebates. With Gold Prairie, you can identify overpayments in real-time at a fraction of your current cost.
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  • Duplicate Payment Prevention.  Why wait for a recovery audit to catch duplicate payments? With Gold Prairie, you can eliminate duplicate payments from your organization. Gold Prairie continuously monitors your payment systems and automatically detects potential duplicate payments before they go out the door.
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  • Vendor File Analysis and Monitoring.  Get your vendor file under control and keep it clean for the long-haul. Gold Prairie enables you to quickly identify duplicated and erroneous vendor entries. And, once it's clean, Gold Prairie's automated vendor monitoring system will help you keep it that way.
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