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About Gold Prairie

Gold Prairie™ is a continuous monitoring solution that automates and simplifies the process of identifying overpayments internally.

Gold Prairie analyzes your transaction data on a continuous basis, pinpoints payment errors and delivers the results directly to your staff in an intuitive, Web-based environment. Simply review the results, prevent lost profits and enjoy the benefits: greater savings, faster recoveries and stronger financial controls.


In January 2003, Gold Prairie LLC introduced ProfitPoint™, a specialized data analysis software tool for analyzing large volumes of payment history data to identify duplicate payments.

In 2007, to offer a more comprehensive system using the latest Web-based technologies, the toolkit was expanded into an on-demand transaction assurance service, called Gold Prairie. Gold Prairie continuously monitors your transactions for a wide range of payment errors, including duplicate payments, pricing errors, missed promotional allowances and missed rebates. Gold Prairie also provides a robust claim management system and tracks the reasons for payment errors, helping you identify and understand their root causes.

Company Background

Gold Prairie LLC was founded in 2001 as a specialized data analysis firm for clients in the recovery audit industry, focusing on large-scale data mining for both recovery audit firms and retail accounts. Gold Prairie LLC enabled their clients to find significantly more recoveries within shorter time frames than was possible using traditional audit methods.

As a software company, Gold Prairie LLC is dedicated to providing the next generation of database technology, enabling you to generate greater value from your data resources.

We're convinced that Gold Prairie™ will change the way you think about profit recovery; please contact us today to learn more.

Want a closer look?

We invite you to take an in-depth tour of Gold Prairie with us. See how easy it is to strengthen internal controls, reduce costs and increase your profits through continuous monitoring.

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