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Faster Results. Lower Cost. Full Control.

Discover the most direct, cost-effective approach to preventing lost profits. Gold Prairie™ is a continuous monitoring solution that automates and simplifies the process of identifying payment errors internally.

Why Wait For Results?

Gold Prairie pinpoints payment errors automatically and delivers them directly to your internal staff—day and night, rain or shine. Rather than waiting for an outside audit to uncover these errors, you can identify and address them immediately, before they become a drain on your profits.

Address the Source of Payment Errors

Gold Prairie tracks the reasons why payment errors occur, helping you identify and understand their root causes. Beyond just catching errors, you can strengthen your internal controls and address problems at the source.

Expect More

We're convinced that Gold Prairie will change the way you think about profit recovery. To show you the difference, we're glad to offer you a free, no-risk demonstration so you can see the benefits of the solution for yourself. We invite you to take an in-depth tour with us.

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Want a closer look?

We invite you to take an in-depth tour of Gold Prairie with us. See how easy it is to strengthen internal controls, reduce costs and increase your profits through continuous monitoring.

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